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The content in this blog has a purpose to inform, entertain and to spark debate. It will be used to get people talking about history and to be more specific, tales of the ancient world. Sometimes overlooked, the ancient world houses lessons for modern life and studying this lost epoch presents the opportunity to escape the busy, technological age.

Some of the content you may read here will be controversial and therefore will cause people to both agree and disagree as they choose. It is not in any way targeted or designed to harm or abuse any one person or group who may read it, but it will address issues that I believe should be looked at and discussed. Please enjoy reading this and do share this blog on Twitter and Facebook if there is something that other people need to see!


Published by ClassicsLew

I'm currently completing an MA in Classics and Ancient History at the University of Exeter. This space is an area where I will post little articles that spring into my mind about the Classical world which I think are interesting and engaging. My research areas are focused on Classical Reception and therefore my articles will feature my thoughts within that field for the most part.

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